Archer Hutchinson

Archer Hutchinson is a visual artist creating change at the intersection of design and advocacy.

Archer is a web developer and graphic designer with over 10 years of experience, specializing in digital production for web, mobile, and print. He utilizes visual communications as a tool for translating complex ideas and data into understandable solutions for greater reach and comprehension.

Archer currently designs for the City of New York. Prior to his current role, Archer formed and led Tribe 360, a creative agency for marketing, communications, and brand identity. Over the course of his career, Archer has delivered creative solutions for non-profits, companies, government, and individuals.

Before design, Archer’s first line of work was in community organizing and social justice advocacy. Archer spent several years formulating and executing political strategies for the advancement of workers’ rights, homeless outreach, and public policy while mentoring student leaders. Archer was also an organizer and outreach coordinator for former Secretary of State John Kerry’s presidential campaign before taking on a creative strategy role with the City of New York. He draws on his background as an organizer and advocate to design with empathy, build with diverse audiences in mind, and assist the formulation of equity through the service of design.

From nothing comes everything. Archer’s work is guided by the underlying philosophy that we are capable of being who or what we choose to be. How your audience views your service, product, or company begins with the image you put forth. Choose to (re)create yourself into existence with purposeful intent.